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Some library content is discoverable and/or viewable by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employees only when signed in.

LLNL employees should go to the internal Research Library Website for additional functionality and resources. Access is restricted to on-site users or those with a VPN connection.

The Research Library:

  • Supports excellence in each of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's mission areas.

  • Acquires and provides access to information resources for current and future researchers.

  • Connects researchers, publishers, library consortia and other information providers to facilitate scholarly communications.

  • Enhances discovery, delivery, and access to scientific content by effectively organizing, describing, and preserving our scientific and cultural heritage.

Please contact library-reference [at] (library-reference[at]llnl[dot]gov) for assistance.

From the Library Manager

Our mission is to advance research and development. We facilitate cross-disciplinary connections and scholarly communications to address problems of national importance.