OSTI redirect



The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is migrating its digital Special Collections - which include all LLNL-produced Technical Reports, Theses & Dissertations, and eSholarship content currently available online - to a new website. We apologize for the interruption in service. Full public access through OSTI.gov will be reestablished in 2021.


If you are not an LLNL employee, please email library-reference [at] llnl.gov (subject: OSTI%20Redirect) with your citation and/or a link to the record on OSTI.gov for the report you are trying to access. 


If you are an LLNL employee please repeat your search via the search box on the new Research Library website (note: you must be onsite, or on the Lab's VPN to access this page) or through the new online Special Collections repository page.