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Research Library Advisory Committee (RLAC)

A Research Library Advisory Committee (RLAC) advises the LLNL Research Library on future policies, strategies, and areas of investment.


The Committee

  • Recommends priorities and policies for future collection development, services, infrastructure, collaborative tools, and scholarly communications
  • Advises on opportunities that deeply engage library services in the research enterprise and across the DOE complex
  • Liaises with and provide a conduit to the scientific community to extend Research Library services to the Laboratory’s scientific programs
  • Recommends approaches and practices for the preservation of and access to Lab-authored scientific content
  • Reviews and advises on strategic plans
  • Meets regularly and provides a summary of its recommendations annually or as needed to engage with senior leadership deliberations and decisions


The Committee is comprised of nine (9) representatives including seven voting representatives from the sciences, the COO Science & Technology (non-voting) and Library Manager (non-voting, Chair of Committee).

      •  Physical and Life Sciences 2 representatives (voting)
      •  Computation 1 representative (voting)
      •  Engineering 1 representative (voting)
      •  Global Security 1 representative (voting)
      •  Weapons and Complex Integration 1 representative (voting)
      •  NIF and Photon Science 1 representative (voting)
      •  DD Office Science & Technology 1 representative (non-voting)
      •  Research Library Manager Committee Chair (non-voting)
Main Contact

Emily Stambaugh
Library Manager
(925) 422-6653
stambaugh2 [at]